Just Hit Me Up on LINE

Lindsey Bond is a 2015 graduate of UVA currently living in Taipei pursuing her expat dreams and continuing her Chinese studies. She’s particularly interested in how technology is changing cross cultural communication.


“What’s your line?”

In Asia, this is a question that has become synonymous with “what’s your number?” Born out of a mishap, LINE has quickly become one of the top messaging apps in Asia and is certainly popular here in Taiwan. This app combines the features of many existing messaging applications with its own unique contributions such as, most prominently, its reinvention of the emoji.

Not only does LINE provide its own set of standardized emojis, which bring shame to iMessages’ comparatively scrawny collection, but it has also upped the ante with the option of downloading sticker sets.

Have you ever tried and failed to conduct a conversation entirely through emojis, only to be disappointed by the limitations of expression that your paucity of emojis created? Fear no more—LINE has you covered. Sending actual words is nearly obsolete in the LINE world with the wide variety of emojis and stickers at user’s fingertips. And even better, there is no more scrolling through hundred of emojis and stickers to find the one to fit your mood. LINE responds to what you type with emoji and sticker suggestions. A whole new emoji world indeed. Now you can finally express your desire to “grab some bubble tea and xiaolongbao and then go for a bike ride along the river”—my favorite afternoon activity in Taipei.


Or you can get straight down to business. IMG_7944

Emoji fans, are your minds blown yet? If you need more convincing on why you should download this app ASAP, then the abundance of sticker options available through LINE might sway you. From the girl experiencing #whitegirlproblems, the basketball fanatic, to the cat lover, there are sticker sets for everyone. Similar to Snapchat, LINE has delved into the realm of social communications and added a dimension to what it means to converse casually with your friends.

While many other apps I use in Taipei have become “when in Asia apps,” LINE is something that I intend to bring home with me.

But for now, you can catch me by Taipei 101 having aIMG_7946 kind of night.