Ready Set Vidcon: Why brands should tune in


Press play. Vidcon starts today and kicks off the 7th annual online video convention in Anaheim, CA. This institution of online convention packs a punch in just three days with panels, interviews and fan meet ups with their favorite creators and events, like the Twix prom. Want more detail than people in prom dresses eating caramel cookie candy goodness?

Then check out the online agenda, which is a testament to just how far Vidcon will go to leave no stone left unturned on the topic of online video. Attendees can learn about #GirlLove, Snapchat Secrets, How to Bake a Brand Deal, Writing for Online Video, Disability on Youtube and the list goes on. Too overwhelming? The agenda can be filtered by community events, creator events and industry events.

These filters are a small microcosm of Vidcon’s bigger picture. Unlike events like Playlist Live, the creator-centric biannual convention, Vidcon extends beyond fans meeting their favorite creators and hearing them speak in real time (instead of on YouTube). It’s about the brand industry that online video and their creators have become essential to.

To appeal to the target consumer audience, brands have gotten smart by making YouTube creators influencers for or the face of their brands. Vidcon celebrates this industry partnership and educate brands on how to best utilize online video creators to enhance brand identity.

Vidcon’s sponsorship list alone is out of control. It is a mix of media outlets, social media platforms, creator apps (like YouNow) and the likes of Best Buy, Kia and Jelly Belly. This does not include brands that will be sending their industry professionals to really watch and learn.

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Jackson Bird, a creator who is headlining at Vidcon called the event “a very unique and powerful opportunity for brands to observe and share the same space with the people who are actually consuming their content or using their products. It’s an invaluable experience for any brand even considering online video.”

It is also a great testing ground for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat to release new add ons to their product and watch the interaction in real time by the people who use their platforms the most (i.e. creators and their audience, the tween and media savvy Generation Z.)

Experiencing FOMO? Don’t fret. You can watch it live through the link provided on Vidcon’s Twitter. You can get all the industry related knowledge and creator insight without the thousands of screaming tweens who just glimpsed Tyler Oakley or Lily Singh.